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I am currently seeking new opportunities as an editor and writer. I have a passion for the human resources field and hope to become involved in a role that challenges me, allows me to grow personally and professionally, and provides me with the autonomy to utilize my experience and knowledge of the HR industry within the parameters of the company’s business model.

I have over fifteen years experience as a professional writer and many years as an editor.  I am currently the Editor-in-Chief and Content Specialist with HR & Talent Management and was a staff reporter and writer prior to my promotion. I have penned over 150 articles on my posts which can be viewed here: I am responsible for researching topics; interviewing thought leaders and executives; and writing flawless, original content on deadline. By viewing the previous link, you will see that I regularly produce exceptional blog posts on a variety of discussion points, including technology, start-ups, events, companies, and trends. I have covered topics like communication in the hiring process (, social media and brand (, as well as leadership and succession planning (   

Prior to freelancing, I was the CEO and founder of Aardvark Writing (, a writing and design service for small businesses. I edited six novels for publication; wrote human resource white papers for HCI which were approved by companies such as IBM, CitiGroup, and; and managed a team of three writers and two designers. Additionally, I handled all correspondence with clients, designed newsletters and white papers, and proofread and edited all material prior to submitting to clients.

I worked with Worldwide Boat for over four years and was responsible for a wide variety of tasks, including web content, design, marketing, press releases, and article writing. I wrote most (but not all) of the content on Worldwide Boat’s site, as well as the eleven other charter destination web sites. I have written many articles on ( and ( Here are some of the press releases that I wrote for Worldwide Boat:

Here are some other relevant links of mine:
Bright Ideas Press:
A Pinterest board of some of my articles:

Feel free to Google me (either as “Laurie Harley” or “Laurie Esposito Harley”) to find many more of my writing projects.

View my resume.

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